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Pet shop Athanasios Latsas
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Pet shop Athanasios Latsas with its new store at 30 Donatou Dimoulitsa (Psychiatry Square) is close to you and your little friends to meet any need. Visit the new larger, hospitable and very well-kept space that will immediately give you an idea of ​​the excellent quality of the products and the perfect service it offers.

A new beautiful place for young, old, hairy, feathered, or even non-friends, so that nothing is missing from their daily needs. Having a wide variety of products for your dog, cat, small animals and birds promises to make both you and your pet happy.

AT Pet shop Athanasios Latsas

In the new store you will find, among other things, various kinds of animal feed, dog food, cat food as well as many animals such as parrots, bunnies, reptiles, hedgehogs and various species of birds, tropical fish or freshwater fish. In the store you will also find a large variety of aquariums, cots and pet transport cages.
Discover a huge range of different accessories suitable for your pet from straps and toys for his daily occupation and fun to options for its transport such as saddles, transport cages etc.

At Pet shop Athanasios Latsas you will also find products and foods that completely cover all the nutritional needs of your pet. Choose from a wide variety of branded feed of excellent quality with 100% naturally selected ingredients as well as various delicacies, snacks, bones, dry food in bulk or packaged, canned, etc.